Relise of War

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An Update To The Maddness

Up until this point these events have transpired, I shall do my best to explain what I can.

The adventurers are not of this time, However they have come to live here and now, by a powerful and unknown magic. Tricked into their predicament by a michevious Bard known as Santillo. Their prior adventure to this event was interupted by this act and here after was made lacking in importance. The Travellers were passed through time Into a world not unlike our own. The difference was that, yes Orcs, Elves, Goblins, and of course magic, all do have their place here. However although things may have been realativley easy to get by in the past; Today All races are at a violent and troublesome War with each other. The reasoning for this is unknown to the adventurers. The only thing that was made certain is that the town in which they resided now is controlled not by government but tirbe like guilds. Most of which have complicated rivalries.

The adventurers found themselves working for the Mage Craft shortly after Santillo dissappeared. This guild in particular happens to be run by Inventors and Magicians of all sorts. Their first job, was to investigate an in town Goblin Stronghold near the north End of town. Upon ariving here The adventurers discovered that Goblins and Orcs, were not the only Lackys to be found her, but also a great many other interesting things, such as Elves, Chokers, Hell Hounds, and eventually the Devil that controlled the fortress. Within the protected Chest at the back of the final room they discovered a letter written in Elvish that none of then could read. (they couldn’t speak the language.) So they took the letter back to their employers and handed it over for examination. This letter detailed of a Drow and Elven Aliance that had been formed and that an attack was supposed to take place somewere in the town.

Before going to investigate the invasion the Travellers went to investigate an infestation of Undead in the sewers of town. Here they found a small Necromantic Cult Run by a Demonologist Necromantic Vampire. This Character turned one of the Player and in exchange for bolstering his clans numbers, told him of the trials they would halve to face to empower a certain Weapon that one of them recieved from Olidammara (a Bastard Rapier designed for a Paladin of Olidammara). The item was caught between an Elemental Focus and a Demonic/Devilish Focus. In order to Empower it He would have to either have to have it (1)slay a Demon and be blessed by the Vampire for reasoning of his job description or (2)have it blassed by an Elementalist. The Paladin took the Prior route and after a Short battle was hurled into the Depths of the Abyss. Here He spent 12 years in a section were time flows Backward. The Vampiress in the party was unaffected (Being undead), But the other was not so lucky. However he managed to unlock the secondary abilities of the weapon as well By plunging his blade into a pillar of black flames and breaking the antiteleportation seal around the generall area. He went home to find that the town was nearly devasted and That he was far to late to defend against the Drow/Elf invasion.

Shortly after They were requisitioned to find information upon a Mechanical Dragon that had been Consctripted for construction and to try to talk the Mayor into Denying the proposal, as it came from a Rival Guild. The Mayor however had no say in the matter, and could only offer the advice that if the adventurers wanted to do somthing about it that they should build their own or something to counter it. The enemy faction had afterall, offered to use it to protect the town. But their intentions, at least to the adventurers seem rather unclear at the moment.


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